Why only few can afford to own a home?

Many years ago very few people could afford to buy a car, but the same time more people could afford their own home. Now it is opposite, almost anyone can afford a car, but very few can afford to own a home. People used to build their own homes and they not only saved a lot of money, but also were proud about making something meaningful. I believe that today we can use modern technology and design software, to manufacture "modules" (CLT panels), that are very easy to assemble.  And by buying directly from manufacturer we can keep the cost low. CLT Garden House is our pilot project to show people how they can build their own space and be proud of what they have made. 

Gints Truselis

founder of "FASTCON LTD" 

The Future

The ultimate goal is to reduce the building cost, by people being able to design and build their home. Next step is do develop an application where people can design their own home using CLT panels. Once the design is complete, they receive a material list and they place the order directly with the manufacturer. As a result the house is build in manufactory and assembled on site. Also this is very fast process. We estimate that total cost savings will be over 60%. 

More people will be able to own their home and will be proud of what they have made.

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