Do I need a planning permission for garden house?

Here are the main rules that must be met in order to comply with exemption of planning permission for garden house.

What is the maximum garden house size that doesn't require planning permission?

Building regulations will not normally apply if the floor area of the harden house is less than 15 square metres and contains NO sleeping accommodation. 

What is the maximum garden house height that doesn't require planning permission?

If the garden house is within 2 metres of the property boundary the whole building should not exceed 2.5 meters in height.

Garden house must be behind the original house

Garden house will not require planning permission if it is behind the principal elevation of the original house

 (The term original house means the house as it was first built or as it stood as of 1 July 1948 (if it was built before this date). Any extension, even if completed by a previous occupier, does not constitute as the original house (unless it was in place on 1 July 1948) 

What is the minimum land size?

Garden house must not exceed 50% of the total area of land around the original house. Sheds and all other structures and extensions to the original house must be included when calculating this 50% limit.

Listed buildings

Garden house require planning permission if they are within the grounds of a listed building.


Users should note that this is an introductory guide and is not a definitive source of legal information. If you are unsure if your planned building falls into the category of garden buildings that doesn't require planning permission , please contact your local planning authority.